Over 500 healthcare institutions have chosen SimCapture - learn why

SimCapture is a scalable platform for healthcare education

B-Line Medical's video-driven solutions, SimCapture and LiveCapture, are dedicated to improving healthcare education and quality of care. Both products feature comprehensive audiovisual capture, debriefing, simulator or medical device data integration, assessment, and reporting tools that are critical to maximizing learning and retention in healthcare. Secure, customizable, and easy to use, SimCapture and LiveCapture are leaders in market share and quality.

SimCapture Pro iPads

Multi-Angle Video Capture

Capture wide, medium and close-ups at once with the most flexible camera support in the industry. Web, IP, and SDI cameras are all supported.

Curriculum Management

Manage and administer instructional content and OSCEs in a collaborative environment. Scheduling, enrollment and notifications are seamlessly integrated.

Video Distribution

Network and cloud-based video distribution allows for simulcasting, or post playback from virtually anywhere - and on any desktop or mobile device.

User Portfolios

Assemble user portfolios automatically while tracking performance and progress. The comprehensive record of all center activities for each user is filterable and searchable.

Performance Assessments

Customizable checklist and reporting features are ideal for administering OSCEs, tracking simulation center performance or for clinical care assessment.

Enterprise-Level Security

LDAP integration and customizable roles, permissions and department structuring allow for true enterprise-level use. Data is kept safe and properly separated.


The Game Changing SimCapture Pro

If you're a smaller simulation center or constricted by budget, SimCapture Pro is the ideal way to access and leverage a proven video-driven improvement platform. Click below to visit the SimCapture Pro microsite: 

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SimCapture Node

To complete the most flexible and scalable range of center management product options available, B-Line Medical has introduced a comprehensive in-room solution called SimCapture Node™. Node has all of the software functionality and versatility of a centralized, rack mounted installation.

Learn From Client Success Stories

Every day our clients are using video-driven solutions in innovative and powerful ways to improve healthcare.

Learn how hospitals, nursing schools, and medical schools are using SimCapture and LiveCapture to improve the quality of simulation education and patient safety. Remote classroom streaming and debriefing, instructor videos, course surveys, automated event enrollment and tracking, NICU resuscitation process improvement, and surgical time out tracking are just a few of the inspiring stories that are covered in B-Line Medical's new Client Success Story microsite.

Success Stories
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