Solutions tailor-made for allied health education and QI

SimCapture and LiveCapture offer portable and affordable product packages that are ideal for the demands of allied health education and quality improvement initiatives. Setting up in minutes, weighing less than 20 pounds, and offering the ability to record without power for 25+ minutes, SimCapture and LiveCapture Ultraportable excel in the diverse learning environments of allied health and provide end-users an industry-best feature set for recording, debriefing, and assessment.

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LiveCapture for Allied Health

LiveCapture is a solution for supplementing allied health quality improvement and patient safety initiatives. LiveCapture records a range of live diagnostic, technical, therapeutic, and direct patient care and support service events, and then allows for immediate and secure debriefing and auditing of core performance measures.

SimCapture for Allied Health

SimCapture is a proven, scalable software solution that allows users to manage and operate their healthcare simulations more effectively. It allows for secure, high quality video capture with simulator data integration, immediate debriefing, and robust reporting. SimCapture is a powerful tool that offers flexibility and versatility that will take learning to another level.

Ultraportable for Allied Health

Our Ultraportable solution is an exceptionally compact and comprehensive product designed to offer flexibility, portability, and affordability while capturing a wide variety of in-situ and in-vivo activities. This lightweight, high resolution option is not only affordable but is also 100% web-based and can record in many situations, including without power.