Supporting the global healthcare advocates in our community

B-Line Medical's Charitable Fund's mission is to dedicate our technology and resources to the global healthcare advocates and leaders in our community with the goal of improving the quality of healthcare worldwide.

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Equipment Donations

B-Line Medical's SimCapture Ultraportable product is made available to Charitable Fund partners allowing for an all-inclusive and portable capture system for video-driven improvement and research.

Personnel Support

Product training, field support, and research design / checklist creation support are just a few of the personnel support services B-Line Medical offers to its Charitable Fund partners.

Project Funding

B-Line Medical knows there are numerous expenses associated with worthy causes that can't be covered with equipment donations or personnel support.

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Outfitting Mercy Ships with SimCapture

After initially meeting with Mercy Ships at IMSH in 2016, B-Line Medical's Charitable Fund made an easy choice to donate four SimCapture Nodes for Mercy Ships latest vessel for the purpose of educational capture and leave behind instruction.

For the first time, a Mercy Ship will include a simulation theater in addition to surgical theaters. The goal is to train local doctors on the procedures being performed on the ship. The SimCapture units will allow for a comprehensive leave behind package that doctors can review and refer to as needed. As Mercy Ships' website states, they offer the world’s largest civilian hospital ship and state-of-the-art care to those in desperate need - free of charge.

Saving Children's Lives in Botswana

In conjuction with Children's Hopsital of Philadelpia and the American Heart Association, B-Line Medical has donated SimCapture Ultraportable units for multiple Saving Children's Lives initiatives in Botswana.

B-Line Medical has donated funds, SimCapture Ultraportable units, and staff time to to Dr. Peter Meaney of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Saving Children's Lives work in Botswana that focuses on training hospital staff on proper resuscitation practices to improve unacceptably high infant mortality rates in the country. Learners were able to watch before and after sessions using SimCapture to fully understand and retain key teaching points. The program has proven so successful that it's been adopted and funded by the Botswana Ministry of Health.

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Supporting Mayo's Education Efforts in Haiti

B-Line Medical loans SimCapture Ultraportable units to Mayo Clinic doctors conducting medical training in Haiti.

B-Line Medical is proud to support non-profit Global, Surgical, Destination, Healthcare, Inc. (GSD) and it's partners. Currently focused on Port-au-Prince, Haiti in partnership with the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti, GSD is an organization centered on making a difference in healthcare delivery by providing essential medical services to underserved populations around the world. This organization is special in that we are passionate about the human condition and dedicated to volunteerism in order to provide non-compromising, quality healthcare that positively impacts as many underpriviledged lives as possible.

Assisting Research in Pediatric Emergency Care

B-Line Medical donates SimCapture Ultraportable units to support Yale University doctors and the R Baby Foundation's work to improve pediatric emergency care.

B-Line Medical has donated funds, SimCapture Ultraportable units, and staff time to Yale University for their R Baby Foundation grant work focused on improving pediatric emergency care. The 100% web-based nature of SimCapture has allowed Yale to work with pediatric doctors at other universities throughout the United States and Canada to broaden the scope of research and accelerate the analysis process. As R Baby Foundation's website states, they are the first and only foundation focused on making sure every emergency room is prepared to give babies and children lifesaving care.

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