B-Line Medical's Middle Eastern client base includes 20+ healthcare institutions in several different countries including Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey. A B-Line Medical office in the region and Laerdal acquisition allow us to provide in-person product demonstrations and 24/7 customer support and maintenance to best serve our clients.

B-Line Medical has a large presence in the simulation market in the Middle East. With our local office and Laerdal distribution partnership, we are readily available to provide in-person product demonstrations and work closely with the U.S.-based B-Line Medical headquarters to ensure each client’s needs are met – whether new to simulation or already an expert in the field.

B-Line Medical's Middle Eastern client base is comprised of medical schools, nursing programs and hospital simulation programs.  Our industry-leading product line can accommodate the needs of your program's development at any stage.

B-Line Medical offers several services, from audiovisual simulation center design and consulting, to our proactive customer support, to ensure that each step of the process, from designing and planning a simulation center, to day-to-day operations, run as smoothly and efficiently as possible for all of our customers worldwide.  Our Simulation Center Consulting and Design Services team has over 10 years experience designing and executing projects at some of the top universities and healthcare institutions in the U.S., including Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, UPenn, Yale, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Harvard University and many more.

Middle East Distributors

Laerdal Medical

Middle East distribution of B-Line Medical products are handled by Laerdal Medical. Click the link below to contact Laerdal representatives and learn more about an extensive list of regional distributors.

Laerdal Website

We're proud of dedicated to serving our growing Middle Eastern client base

Recent Middle Eastern Project: King Fahd Medical City (KFMC)

SimCapture Enterprise+ Rack Servers

The King Fahd Medical City (KFMC) in Saudi Arabia uses B-Line Medical platforms to run their Simulation and Clinical Skills Center as part of their Medical School curriculum.  The Clinical Skills Center opened in 2006 and is a multi-disciplinary center utilized by undergraduate medical students, medical residents, nurses, and faculty. The center was designed to provide hands-on training in basic clinical skills and advanced simulation training using high-fidelty and virtual simulators in a hospital-like setting.  KFMC uses B-Line Medical platforms to advance their mission of providing students the opportunity to gain competence and confidence in clinical skills in a safe and realistic environment.

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SimCapture SDI

When every pixel counts.

SimCapture SDI is the industry's only full HD capture solution. As with SimCapture IP-based video solutions, SimCapture SDI can leverage all aspects of B-Line Medical's scalable heathcare education software plaform while allowing users to utilize broadcast quality SDI/HDMI video cameras. Multi-angle, simultaneous capture of crystal clear, full HD video is now a reality thanks to SimCapture SDI. SimCapture SDI is an ideal solution for institutions seeking to capture even the smallest session details.

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