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SimCapture responds to the needs of medical schools' users at every level, including educators, simulation center and IT staff, and deans and administrators. SimCapture is built to streamline, automate, and manage OSCEs and team-based simulations while simultaneously tracking performance and simulation center usage. Powerful recording, debriefing, assessment, and portfolio tools make SimCapture a must have education tool for any medical school.

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SimCapture answers educator's needs by providing an easy-to-use simulation managmentment platform that captures everything happening in one or multiple simulation or OSCE rooms with one click. Educators can debrief, annotate, assess, and generate reports on an individual learner or an entire class anywhere and anytime.

Sim and IT Staff

SimCapture is easy to install, integrates with most simulators, and streamlines operations. Our highly trained implementation specialists work closely with you to leverage existing IT infrastructure and configure the network for optimal and secure access. No local installation on end-users' computers is required to use SimCapture.

Deans and Administrators

SimCapture automatically tracks usage by department, faculty, participants, and external organization. Reports and statistics can be generated at anytime, locally or remotely, by any system admin, providing deans and administrators a thorough understanding of your center's throughput, outcome trends, utilization, and ROI.


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"Every day we have to facilitate different ways of recording and debriefing sessions. We can fully and easily meet all those different needs with one system: SimCapture. Over the last several years it has proven to be easy to use for all of our clients and very reliable in performance."

Camiel ElsingaUniversity Medical Center Groningen

"The ability to record an encounter between learners and standardized patients and/or simulators has added flexibility to the review process. SimCapture has created a 360 degree learning and review method for both our standardized patients and learners."

Brandon FreemanGreenville Hospital

SimCapture Tiers

On-premise or Cloud-based installation options

SimCapture Pro

SimCapture Pro

For new or smaller simulation centers seeking an affordable solution to record, debrief and track simulation learning.

  • Synchronized capture of multiple camera angles
  • Simulator data capture and visualization
  • Medical device capture (EKG, Ultrasound, EMR)
  • Learner and faculty tracking and portfolios
  • Center sign-in directs and tracks users
  • Video annotation and session self-reflection*
  • Debrief from anywhere using just a browser
  • Learner, faculty and facility usage reports
  • Customizable scenarios, roles and permissions
  • Flexible and scalable - one room or many
  • Secure, mobile-friendly and cloud-based
  • Best-in-class training and 24/7 Support
  • Seamless upgrade path to Enterprise

*Self-reflection is a Cloud-based only feature

SimCapture Enterprise

SimCapture Enterprise

Ideal for larger simulation centers with curriculum that need to manage, assess and report on departments, learners and events.

  • All PRO features and
  • Checklist builder and custom assessments*
  • Fully customizable and integrated EMR
  • Courses and curriculum tracking
  • Robust and customizable assessment reports
  • Scheduling, self enrollment and notifications
  • Resources and inventory management
  • Optional - OSCE module for large-scale exams
  • Optional - LDAP or Single Sign On module

*Replaces self reflection

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