B-Line Medical Now Offers Turnkey Audiovisual Services

Simulation Centers Now Have a Single Point of Contact for All Services

WASHINGTON, D.C. – February 9, 2016 - B-Line Medical®, an industry leader in video-driven healthcare education and outcome improvement, is excited introduce new turnkey audiovisual services.

As innovators in the healthcare simulation industry, B-Line Medical will now offer a new service to current and future customers: turnkey audiovisual services. These turnkey audiovisual build and support services are in addition to the company’s current audiovisual consulting and design services. B-Line Medical will now build, maintain and support the entire project while meeting budget needs, ensuring that an institution’s needs are met from the beginning of the center design until the center is ready to open.

While B-Line Medical will continue to work with an institution’s preferred vendor or winning audiovisual bidder, over the course of the last decade B-Line Medical has completed more than four hundred and fifty simulation centers installations and seen firsthand how important the audiovisual component and support experience can be to the overall success of a program. By delivering a truly turnkey solution, B-Line Medical is confident that it can now deliver a successful center launch that is unrivaled in the industry.

President of B-Line Medical, Hartley Thompson, says, “I am excited that B-Line Medical will now offer turnkey audiovisual services and associated annual support. We have a long history of designing and supporting top simulation centers and now we will build them as well. By offering turnkey services, institutions can focus on building curriculum while relying on a single point of contact for all of their implementation and support needs.”

B-Line Medical makes software that helps healthcare professionals and educators improve the delivery of healthcare. Focused on the capture, debriefing, and assessment of medical training and clinical events, B-Line Medical specializes in the delivery of robust, yet easy-to-use web-based solutions. B-Line Medical’s platforms have helped over 450 top hospitals, medical schools, and nursing programs in 25 countries operate and manage their training and QI programs more effectively.

B- Line Medical encourages everyone to visit and explore the new site at www.blinemedical.com. For more information, please contact Helen Woldeab, Marketing Strategist at +1.888.228.3838 or Helen.Woldeab@blinemedical.com.

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