B-Line Medical Partners with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia on Circle of Safety™

A Continuous Improvement Feedback Loop Using Video-driven Analysis in Simulated and Real Clinical Environments

WASHINGTON, D.C. – September 7, 2016 - B-Line Medical® today announced a collaborative research agreement with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) focused on establishing a Circle of Safety model for healthcare systems. The Circle of Safety concept promotes video recording and analysis of simulated, in situ (simulated patient, real environment) and in vivo (real patient, real environment) events to create a continuous quality improvement and patient safety feedback loop.

In addition to providing a proof of concept for this linkage of training and process of care on simulators and real patients, CHOP and B-Line Medical intend to use identical capture and analysis techniques in simulation and real care to demonstrate a positive impact on patient safety outcomes. Advanced techniques, similar to professional sports analytics, will combine multi-angle video recording, data capture from simulators and real medical devices, and periodic, post-event analysis. The Circle of Safety is designed to yield rapid quality and patient safety improvement.

Endowed Chair of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine at CHOP, Dr. Vinay Nadkarni says, “We hypothesize that this collaborative research will take patient safety to the next dimension, bringing the technology that has been applied to professional sports and military operations to those who need it most, our critically ill and injured children.”

President of B-Line Medical, Hartley Thompson says, “CHOP has provided us with invaluable insight into quality improvement methodology over the years and we’re very excited to be advancing their pioneering investigations through this Circle of Safety collaboration. By creating a replicable model that healthcare systems can employ, we are confident that we are progressing towards B-Line Medical’s mission to effect real and immediate improvement in the safe delivery of care to patients in need.”.

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