B-Line Medical Announces Launch of a Cloud Video Platform

Safe, secure and real-time video storage and playback in the cloud

WASHINGTON, D.C. - October 24th, 2014 - B-Line Medical today introduced a Cloud Video Platform for SimCapture and LiveCapture. The new platform enables clients to backup their videos directly to the cloud in real-time and to have immediate access to stream their videos for debriefing. To maximize the debriefing experience, the Cloud Video Platform automatically identifies whether local or cloud storage is the optimal video location to utilize for playback.

"For the second time this year, we have introduced a major enhancement to the functionality of our products," said Hartley Thompson, president of B-Line Medical. "We are very excited to actualize cost-effective product offerings that meet the needs of clients. The Cloud Video Module marks the first step towards leveraging the power of the cloud. It not only reduces our clients' demands of their IT teams, but it curtails their reliance on robust networks for debriefing of recorded simulated and live events."

The Cloud Video Platform is available with SimCapture and LiveCapture; for more technical or functional information, please contact the B-Line Medical Sales Team at info@blinemedical.com.

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