A New Point of View for Healthcare Simulation

SimCapture now integrates with Google Glass

WASHINGTON, D.C. - January 12, 2015 - B-Line Medical is the first to bring first-person point-of-view video recording to healthcare simulation with the introduction of Google Glass, the newest supported device on the SimCapture® platform. Technology is rapidly advancing how we educate, train and deliver services across the healthcare continuum and Google Glass provides wide-ranging possibilities for enhancing healthcare simulation.

B-Line Medical's Google Glass application captures video from a unique perspective, allowing simulated events to be viewed through the eyes of learners and patients to gain a richer perspective of their experience and provide more informed feedback. With Google Glass, clients can connect wirelessly to any SimCapture in their institution's network and record simulation sessions in high definition.

"We are excited to add Google Glass as an additional device that supports video capture for SimCapture, the leading healthcare simulation management solution," said Hartley Thompson, President of B-Line Medical. "With Google Glass, you can shift from the confines of fixed camera angles and capture a brand new perspective, from not only the learner, but from the standardized patients' or family members' point-of-view."

The application is engineered to provide the highest definition and lowest latency video supported by Google Glass and delivers recording over Wi-Fi, allowing the video captured to maintain a first-person point-of-view video no matter where you are in the room. The portability, quality and perspective that Google Glass offers, make it a valuable addition to any simulated healthcare environment.

The Google Glass integration is a free addition to all SimCapture clients; for more information, please contact the B-Line Medical Sales Team at info@blinemedical.com.

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