A turnkey LMS to manage your simulation program.

SimCapture responds to the needs of nursing schools' users at every level, including educators, sim and IT staff, and deans and administrators. SimCapture is designed to automate the most tedious aspects of nursing simulation center management, allowing educators to focus on what's most important - their students.

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SimCapture answers nursing educators' needs by providing a turn-key solution that automates many of the tedious aspects of running simulations. This allows for the focus to remain on students instead of equipment. Recording, debriefing, portfolio management, scheduling, tracking, and reporting are all managed through a single, easy-to-use platform.

Sim and IT Staff

B-Line Medical understands that educational institutions don't have extensive project management and IT resources. Our highly trained project managers and implementation specialists have experience getting hundreds of simulation centers up and running and can help steer sim and IT staff through the typical hurdles, making for a stress-free and successful center opening.

Deans and Administrators

SimCapture automatically tracks usage by department, faculty, participants, and external organization. Reports and statistics can be generated at any time, locally or remotely, by any system admin, providing deans and administrators a thorough understanding of your center's throughput, outcome trends, utilization, and ROI.