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LiveCapture Administrative Quickstart Guide

Lessons learned from top hospitals who've successfully implemented clinical care video audit programs.

If you're interested in LiveCapture but have questions about legal approval, patient consent or staff resistance to being recorded you can learn best practices and lessons learned from top hospitals who've successfully implemented video audit programs. Contact B-Line Medical to be connected with an extensive network of LiveCapture QI experts or request the Adminstrative Quickstart Guide to get started.

LiveCapture Case Studies

Detailed examples of how top hospitals have implemented and leveraged LiveCapture.

Request the LiveCapture Case Studies white paper if you're interested in the concept of LiveCapture but are seeking additional details about how hospitals have used it to acheive rapid impact and ROI. Detailed case studies include room setup and audiovisual information, medical device integration points, debriefing and audit protocols and end results. The hospital names have been removed from this document but the case studies and results are factual.

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Fundamentals of Robotic Surgery Study

B-Line Medical provides video capture and assessment infrastructure for a centralized cloud-based international study.

B-Line Medical leased SimCapture Ultraportable units to 15 domestic and international institutions (including sites in Italy and the United Kingdom) participating in Case Network's Fundamentals of Robotic Surgery study. SimCapture Ultraportable allowed study participants to record and synchronize three video angles (surgeon's hands, foot pedals and surgical field), and stream, debrief, annotate and assess captured study sessions. B-Line Medical’s unique web-based suite of research tools leveraged autonomous cloud-based centralization and playback. In addition to providing the SimCapture Ultraportable units and cloud-based centralization server, B-Line Medical provided instructional design, system training and on ongoing onsite, phone and email support for the FRS trial study.