B-Line Medical's European client base includes 20+ healthcare institutions in several different countries including Denmark, France, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. A B-Line Medical office in the region and several distribution partners allow us to provide in-person product demonstrations and 24/7 customer support and maintenance to best serve our clients.

B-Line Medical's presence in the European region has grown over the past few years as the practice of simulation training has become more widely adopted. With a B-Line Medical European office location, we are readily available to provide in-person product demonstrations and work closely with the U.S.-based B-Line Medical headquarters to ensure each client’s needs are met – whether new to simulation or already an expert in the field. Our uniquely chosen distributors are certified B-Line Medical partners who are able to assist with proactive customer support, and work closely with the B-Line Medical team to ensure each product implementation is executed efficiently.

B-Line Medical's European client base is comprised of medical schools, nursing programs, hospital simulation programs, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy schools, and allied health education programs.  Our affordable and scalable product line can accommodate the needs of your program's development at any stage.

Our SimCapture platform can integrate with your existing simulators and works alongside them to reinforce what your students learn.  We can usually integrate with existing A/V infrastructure - we will come on site to evaluate what equipment you already have in place that we can use with our system.

European Regional Office and Distributors

European Office

B-Line Medical's European office is located in Barcelona, Spain and is headed up by Chris Caporali. Chris may be reached at +44 (0) 7534.050732 or click the email link below to contact him.

Austria and Germany

Skills Med Deutschland is focused on improving medical skills by providing integrated simulation education systems. Quality always comes first. Our customers include universities, colleges, regional training centers and hospitals.

Belgium, Luxembourg, and Netherlands

Skills Meducation is focused on improving medical skills by providing integrated simulation education systems. Quality always comes first. Our customers include universities, colleges, regional training centers and hospitals.

Denmark, Norway and Sweden

HD Medical specializes in medical equipment and software for simulation training in the healthcare sector. Our clientele include hospitals, educational institutions, the pharmaceutical industry, defense, police and rescue services.

France and Switzerland

Twin Medical was created with the idea that medical education should also take advantage of new technologies. The educational tools we offer are disruptive and their effectiveness is clinically proven. Ultimately, they answer the only concern of the health professionals which is - How to deliver the best possible care to the patients?


SIMEDU is known for being able to bring best practices from one care setting to another – from large healthcare systems to independent physician practices. SIMEDU provides multiple solutions in healthcare education and has clinicians on staff. Their multidisciplinary staff know the healthcare arena from the bottom up and top down.

Portugal and Spain

SEEMSREAL integrates a multidisciplinary team of experts in Medical Simulation and Training and we brought it together with a team of Biomedical Engineers building a deferential and disruptive way to work.

We're proud of dedicated to serving our growing European client base

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SimCapture Node

A remarkably compact and scalable SimCapture that can be installed quickly and virtually anywhere. SimCapture Node now supports wireless cameras!

To complete the most flexible and scalable range of center management product options available, B-Line Medical has introduced a comprehensive in-room solution called SimCapture Node™. Node has all of the software functionality and versatility of a centralized, rack mounted installation. Users can now enjoy B-Line Medical’s best-in-class support and a single point of contact for software, SimCapture hardware, and now audiovisual equipment.

Node Brochure