Video-driven improvement of clinical outcomes

LiveCapture is a network-based solution for hospital quality improvement that significantly reduces costly errors while simultaneously improving efficiencies. The LiveCapture platform records live clinical events at the push of a button and offers secure monitoring, debriefing, and integrated checklists. LiveCapture is in use at 70% of the 2017-2018 U.S. News & World Report best hospitals including Mayo Clinic, Barnes Jewish Hospital, and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

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•  Push button capture of multiple angles of synced video
•  Capture synchronized medical devices
•  Securely stream or debrief events and codes
•  Integrated safety checklists and control charts
•  Automated deletion based on your hospital's policy
•  Customizable access by user and department

Level 1 Trauma Bay

LiveCapture shows us what we actually do versus what we say we do and offers a global picture of what is happening at any point in time.

Associate Trauma DirectorTop-ranked Children's Hospital

What Makes LiveCapture Unique?

View this short tutorial video to learn why every clinical care environment can benefit from LiveCapture. LiveCapture elegantly packages recording, streaming, debriefing, and analysis tools into a scalable, powerful, and easy-to-use product. 

Key Features and Benefits

Immediate ROI

Video delivers immediate increases in process adherence and improved patient safety, and enhanced team communication, patient satisfaction and reimbursement rates.

Multi-angle capture

Capture multiple rooms simultaneously from several camera angles, surgical fields, first-person point-of-view Google Glass recordings, and medical devices for live streaming and post playback.

Auto record and delete options

Video capture and deletion may be controlled manually, scheduled, or fully automated for 24/7 coverage. Videos can be deleted automatically based on your hospital's policy.

Safety checklists included

LiveCapture comes pre-loaded with surgical, resuscitation, and hygiene safety checklists modeled after the World Health Organization's recommendations.

Control chart reports

Integrated reporting tools include control charts for tracking audits on both an overall score and individual question basis to provide a thorough understanding of your program's utilization, trends, and ROI.

Secure hospital-wide access

LiveCapture offers the flexibility to stream or debrief any event or surgical procedure from anywhere in the hospital with proper authentication.

Neonatal ICU

We installed LiveCapture in our infant resuscitation room where we resuscitate all preterm infants born before 32 weeks of gestation. Video recordings of Delivery Room resuscitations are a powerful educational tool. These videos can augment structured debriefings and can be saved for teaching purposes, such as house staff lectures and Neonatal Resuscitation Program training.

Dr. Elizabeth FogliaAttending Neonatologist - Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

View the Video Recording Delivery Room Resuscitation article in its entirety at NeoReviews

Top-Rated Hospitals use LiveCapture

70% of the 2017-2018 U.S. News & World Report Best hospitals have implemented SimCapture and LiveCapture in a myriad of environments, including trauma bays, intensive care units, neo-natal resuscitation bays, interventional radiology labs, and operating rooms. Partial client list below:

  • Mayo Clinic
  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Stanford Children's Hospital
  • St. Louis Children's Hospital
  • Barnes Jewish Hospital
  • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
  • Starship Children's Hospital
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • University of Pennsylvania Hospital
  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital
  • Women & Infants Hospital
  • Rhode Island Hospital
  • Geisinger Health System
  • University of Queensland
  • Penn State Medical Center
  • Case Network
  • Children's Hospital Colorado
  • University of Arizona Medical Center
  • Keller Army Community Hospital
  • NYP - Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital
  • Children's Hospital of Central California

Learn From Client Success Stories

Every day our clients are using video-driven solutions in innovative and powerful ways to improve healthcare.

Learn how hospitals, nursing schools, and medical schools are using LiveCapture and SimCapture to improve the quality of training and patient safety. Trauma bay teamwork, NICU resuscitation process improvement, and surgical time out tracking are just a few of the inspiring stories that are covered in B-Line Medical's new Client Success Story microsite.

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Surgery - Interventional Radiology

The combination of procedure recording, checklists, performance review, and feedback has not only led to measurable improvements in performance but also enhanced our auditing process. LiveCapture is a key element of our overall system.

Dr. James DuncanChief Quality and Safety Officer - Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology

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View LiveCapture Quickstart Guide

Lessons learned from top hospitals who've successfully implemented clinical care video-driven improvement programs.

If you're interested in LiveCapture but have questions about legal approval, patient consent, or staff resistance to being recorded you can learn best practices and lessons learned from top hospitals who've successfully implemented video recording and debriefing programs. Contact B-Line Medical to be connected with an extensive network of LiveCapture QI experts or download the Administrative Quickstart Guide to get started.

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Event Capture at the Push of a Button

Start and stop recordings locally or remotely with LiveCapture Node

LiveCapture users can now walk into any code or important event and start recording with a push of a button. The button lights up and flashes to indicate recording status. The location of the push-start recording is not limited to the LiveCapture unit or to a single button; users can place push buttons at the EMR work station, or at a computer in the central nursing station as a secondary option.

Node Brochure - Crictical Care   Node Brochure - Clinical Care

LiveCapture Ultraportable

Weighs less than 20 pounds, sets up in under five minutes and allows you to record and debrief from anywhere. With or without power.

LiveCapture Ultraportable is a compact, all-inclusive audiovisual solution built on LiveCapture's robust platform. It is an affordable, flexible system that comes with everything you need. You can set up in minutes and it allows you to record live clinical events on the go, and debrief from anywhere, at any time. No audiovisual infrastructure is required thanks to a choice of web or wireless cameras with integrated mics, and one DVI/HD source (for recording patient monitor/ultrasound/da Vinci).

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LiveCapture SDI

The ideal tool for comprehensive high definition capture of surgical procedures and critical hospital events.

LiveCapture SDI can leverage all aspects of B-Line Medical's scalable Circle of Safety software plaform while allowing surgeons, doctors and nurses to utilize broadcast quality SDI/HDMI video cameras. Multi-angle, simultaneous capture of crystal clear, full HD video and medical devices make LiveCapture SDI the ideal solution for capturing every detail of a surgical procedure, code, or key event.

LiveCapture Brochure

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