B-Line Medical Launches Two New Products

DebriefCast™ and SimCapture Node™

WASHINGTON, D.C. – January 29, 2016 - B-Line Medical®, an industry leader in video-driven healthcare education and outcome improvement, is excited to announce the launch of two new products, DebriefCast and SimCapture Node.

Focused on innovation and streamlining operations, B-Line Medical introduces DebriefCast, a user-friendly debriefing tool for educators. DebriefCast allows facilitators to stream any recorded session to a debriefing station, and maintain use of a “presenter view” on their iPad. This allows participants to focus on the recorded videos in full-screen, while the facilitator maintains access to key events, notes, and annotations to guide the debriefing process without distracting the audience. Educators can adjust the layout of the videos at any time, and play, pause, and bookmarks instantly apply to streaming video. iPads can stream to any debriefing station on the network, so DebriefCast can be used throughout different courses or departments within your institution.

To complete the most flexible and scalable range of center management product options available, B-Line Medical has also introduced SimCapture Node – a compact, comprehensive and scalable in-room solution that includes all the software functionality and versatility of a centralized, rack-mounted installation. This new solution features high-resolution IP-based audiovisual capture. Users can enjoy B-Line Medical’s best-in-class support and a single point of contact for SimCapture and LiveCapture software, hardware, and now audiovisual equipment. This solution benefits institutions interested in a flexible solution while maintaining a low-impact installation.

Chafic Kazoun, Co-Founder and CTO of B-Line Medical says, "B-Line Medical is focusing heavily on flexible technologies such as IP-based A/V and mobile tools that leverage our cloud-based platform in executing our vision. We're continuing to push useful innovation throughout our SimCapture and LiveCapture platforms and DebriefCast and Node are great examples of this."

President of B-Line Medical, Hartley Thompson says, “B-Line Medical launched DebriefCast and SimCapture Node last week at the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare, and the feedback has been excellent. These two products support our Circle of Safety™ initiative by making it easier than ever to capture and debrief in simulation, in-situ or in-vivo environments.”

B-Line Medical makes software that helps healthcare professionals and educators improve the delivery of healthcare. Focused on the capture, debriefing, and assessment of medical training and clinical events, B-Line Medical specializes in the delivery of robust, yet easy-to-use web-based solutions. B-Line Medical’s platforms have helped over 450 top hospitals, medical schools, and nursing programs in 35 countries operate and manage their training and QI programs more effectively.

B- Line Medical encourages everyone to visit and explore the new site at www.blinemedical.com. For more information, please contact Helen Woldeab, Marketing Strategist at +1.888.228.3838 or Helen.Woldeab@blinemedical.com.

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